The implementation and management of Control Systems (or the lack thereof) is in many instances the major determining factor in the success or demise of a business enterprise.

KeyPOS has, over the years and today, continued to partner with various software and products to assist our clients in the never-ending battle to provide information and maximize control.

Our major products are Control and Informaion related:

Operating a successful business isn’t just about selling products or services. For the long term, it requires establishing a strong and continued relationship with customers. For over 31 years,Key POS has taken pride in the fact that we have, in some small fashion, been and continued to be the KEY in aiding the success and growth of many food service and retail businesses in Canada.

We strive to offer tangible effective solutions to fulfill our clients’ needs.   The net effective of our diligence is: Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, and Word-of-Mouth Business. We’ve taken the guesswork out of who will be your point of sale provider. Our customers return again and again to invest in Key POS products, and we appreciate their ongoing business.


Key POS provides our clients with:

Key POS continued success is directly attributable to our ablility to provide our clients with information and dependable service. Your success is also our success!

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